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Good Lord, it has been too long since I have owned H&K pistols!

I have been through several 1911's, the Walther PPQ, and SIG P320, obviously some Glocks as well, and finally came back to the Light. <smile>

I just took home my two new pistols today and can't wait to post some pictures:

1.) HK SFP9 Black slide, FDE frame
2.) HK45, Black slide, FDE frame

They look absolutely awesome side by side and I love the fact that I have the best striker-fired 9mm and one of the best hammer-fired .45's together.

I have G-Code OSH RTI holsters on order for both, as well as an INCOG for the SFP.

My HK45 came with a Medium backstrap installed and a slightly different Medium in the box, but I need a small. I think momentarily my gun store is going to call and give me the 411 on that.

Anyway, LOVE these guns, in particular I like the way the big .45 can be manipulated for administrative purposes with the safety engaged. I am a bit of a press check guy because the loaded chamber indicators on these are worth a can of beans, maybe!, LOL.

Happy to still have an account here, last time around was quite a while back.

Best everybody.

1 - 5 of 11 Posts
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