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I'm so excited that Hk finally updated their website with the Hk45CT with a neat picture, simple but cool. Is it wrong for me to get so excited about this? Hopefully luck (and Taxes) will bring my Hk45CT home in Feb.
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err... your avatar is making me want one to replace my uspct45, i handled a hk45ct last weekend at the local fun show and liked it alot

it is a good pic too
No, I don't think it's wrong to get excited about such a great pistol! I've owned one since last February and love it. I think this HK sets the bar for other manufacturers to try and beat. I don't think they will, though! Good luck in getting one. I think you'll love it as I love mine.
I used to have several Hk guns including: (3) Hk USP45CT and (3) Hk45C with (2) CT setups. I had to sell my collection ref financial so this will be my first at replacing my colletion. The avatar pic was the last oneI had to sell. It will be nice to be back again.
I think I will end up with one down the road. I am getting the HK45c when I get home, but I think sooner than later I will have one of those.

Here is the link for lazy people.
Heckler & Koch - USA
Anyone else notice in the picture, that the mag base isn't the flat elephant foot base, but the curved up style?
This is the first one that I've seen in black.
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