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HK USC or Pistol

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hey, new to hkpro. Currently own a USP 40 Stainless which is awesome. Was considering buying a .45 Tactical and found a brand new USC for $1350. never done the Class 3 suppressor deal which was kind of thinking about with the tac pistol however, its close enough in price should i just jump to a USC? What are your thoughts?
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JGSales has USC's for 1299...

The proper HKpro response is.... "Get both"

The USC is more rare though.
Yeah I'd love to get both. Eventually.
Welcome to the site--- sidearm and suppressor--- you will want to convert to USC to UMP--- can be costly!!! :wink:

i still say get both, but i can tell you from experience that eventually you WILL convert the USC and it will get pricey... but its awesome.
Maybe I should just buy the threaded barrel for the usp 40 and buy the USC. Do you know how the usp tactical differs from the regular usp?
The Tactical, aside from threaded barrel, has o-ring on bbl, tall adjustable sights, and match trigger kit. USP9SD is the same minus match trigger kit.
My USC/UMP with .45 Osprey silencer is my favorite of all my guns (although i don't have any MGs yet).
The lack of UMP mags is going to put a real damper on USC purchases; my guess is most of us bought them with an intent to convert. The ergonomics of the USC grip is absolutely horrible and that alone would keep me away from the USC. I love my UMP conversion and will do a 2nd in 9mm.
^I hadn't considered mags as I already have as many as I wanted...
Ya, i wish I had bought the 9 mm ones when they could hardly give them away. Now i have a new $3k UMP parts kit and only 2 mags. You sure can dump a ton of cash on these damn projects. I did buy the 45 mags at $45 each when the getting was good. Lessons learned.
I wish we could get the real story on what is transpiring around the lack of UMP mags. Everyone has an opinion, but those who should know have stayed silent. If its a typical HK supply chain problem, let's hear it. If it's a gov restriction, someone in the know say so. Where are the HK Customer Service folks on this one? Frustrating!
thats why the M3 greasegun conversion is so appealing,mags are everywhere but Heavy when loaded up,makes for awkeward firing position if sitting or in a bunkered down position due to length
Love my USC with the grease gun conversion. Definitely one of my favorites. Loaded mags sure are heavy though -- but they would be a great blunt force trauma weapon if needed. ;)
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