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Hk USP .40 double eject issue

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Hi All. Im new to this forum and also a fairly new HK owner. I bought my Hk usp 40 new about three months and up untill about a month ago it has run flawlessly untill one day after a long day of shooting the gun ejected a live round out with a spent case. I thought it was a strange fluke at first but then it did it again and again. its always the last two rounds of magazine. Also last time out it started splitting cases.It split two cases out of two hundred both times caused a failure to eject. Could be bad brass. I was using winchester white box.My friend was using the same stuff and had no issues though.Please let me know what you guys think.
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Do you have a way to caliper the lips of the mags? I would be curious to know what the measurements are on the non malfunctioning mags and the ones giving you issues. Have the mags been dropped on their lips, or are they just well used? It's just strange though, that the issue is only on the last two rounds when the spring pressure is the least.
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