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HK USP 45 year

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Hey guys, I've found a couple of used USP 45s, there the same set up other than the year they were made, there also about the same price. Actually ones 50 bucks more but it comes with an extra mag. My question is, ones a 2002 model and the other is a 2009. And changes in that time or is one perfered over the other. Thanks.
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the major difference between the the USP 45 dated AA (2000) and the USP 45 dated AJ (2009) is the catch and hammer . H&K updated to the new version around AF (2005) . H&K still manufactures parts for both versions . i bought a used USP 45 tac AA and updated it with the new hammer, catch and flat spring following TooSixy's tutorial on hkpro . cost me about $40 . if both weapons are in good shape either one will serve you well . the 10rd mags are $40ish and the 12rd mags run about the same for what it's worth .

great choice and good luck !
There have been a couple of minor changes to the USP design throughout the years, but nothing major. I would have no reservations buying or shooting any year of USP provided it was in decent shape.
What OlDirtyBastard said, plus the 2009 (AK) has the redesigned FP/FPB/FPBS. I'd get the 2009.
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