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HK USP-C .40/.357sig 10 and 12rd mag differences

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Hey guys,

I have two 10 round mags that I got used and I think I need to upgrade the springs. Started looking at the 12rd mags and wondered if there was any way to convert a USP-C .40/.357sig mag from 10rd to 12rd capacity?
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No, you cannot convert a 10rnd. magazine into a 12rnd. magazine. The magazine bodies, locking plates, and base plates are made different on purpose so that such a thing is incapable of being done.

These are the replacement springs you may need for the 10rnd. mags.

HK 10 Round Magazine Spring - HKPARTS.NET
Yeah I just bought two LEO marked .40 mags which should work fine as I think USP .40 and .357sig mags are the same.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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