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HK has just built a limited number of the USP EXPERT 45acp. 2016 date code. They come with two 10rd mags. I have 10 IN STOCK.

Price will be $ $930 shipped to your FFL (continental US only)

Consecutive serial numbers are available on a first come first served basis and I will do my best to accommodate this.

If you would like to get one or more then one please email [email protected] with your contact info and your HKPRO name, the quantity and the FFL that you would like to use and their contact info.

Please have your FFL email their info to [email protected] have them put "HKPRO GROUP BUY" in the title and your name and HKPRO name in the email.

Payment will be USPS MO or Certified bank check only. Made out to "coyote point armory" and mailed to Coyote Point Armory 341 Beach Road Burlingame CA 94010.

We have 10 LEFT. payment and all information must be to us by 04/30/2017. We will ship your order ASAP once we have payment and all the other needed information.

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ASD1 was instrumental in helping out with previous Group Buys. Buy with confidence! And thanks to him for extending this offer to HKPro members.

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How much?
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