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HK USP Tactical Holster for Weapon with Light

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First post...thank you. I'm looking for a holster for my HK USP 9mm Tactical with a GGG rail and Surefire X400 light/laser on it. I used the search function and could only find an eight year old topic on holsters for the USP tacticals and nothing on holsters for one with rail/lights/laser. Is anyone aware of a source for a holster that would accomodate this set up? Or...where could I go to have one custom made? Bladetech? Thank you.
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Welcome to the site--- this post will probably be moved to "The Saddlery" section--- I do not utilize a light/laser with my USP--- but others will comment shortly!!! :biggrin:

Raven Concealment will do it, if they're still doing custom orders. They shut down their custom orders some time ago due to putting their efforts on other stuff , though they said it would be temporary.
I had to get a kydex holster custom made by a local guy. That is pretty much the only way you will get it for your specific setup. The only other options are the nylon oversized holsters that can fit pretty much anything.
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