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So I finally have my collection slowly coming together, here are some pics.

Hk4 w/ full barrel set
HK p9s combat (shooter quality)
HK p9s Sport Group lll (single slide model) in exc condition.

Also have an extra extended p9s barrel.
I have some more accessories to purchase but this is a good start.

I have some plans and or ideas, any input would be awesome. So the reason for me getting into hk p9s's in the first place was for the simple idea of suppressing it. So i bought an extended barrel for the shooter quality p9s to chop and thread it, but I realized now that it might be blasphemous to ruin that barrel and that I might want it fitted to the p9s sport group 3 to not feel as guilty shooting it. So I was thinking of buying a spare "carry/combat" size barrel and extending and threading that one instead of the original. Not a fan of the idea of extending and threading but I'd rather enjoy the extended barrel for what it is, right? Second for the shooter quality p9s I was thinking of 1. Having the slide renished/restored to project the metal and yes, so she looks pretty. 2. Having tool tech make some custom night sights for it (suppressor height if possible) and 3. Which I mentioned already, extending and threading an extra barrel leaving the original untouched. 4. Final idea was to install the rail mod. to the shooter quality p9s, any thoughts?

Thanks for viewing guys.


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