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HK VP40 LE Range Report

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I have never owned a HK firearm before. I picked up a VP40 because that was a caliber I did not have, and I wanted a little more power than a 9mm. I picked up some inexpensive Winchester 165grain target ammo (200 rounds for $55 at Walmart; great deal).

From standing position, at 30 feet, the first five shots I fired offhand through the VP40 made a tight bullseye group that measured 0.625" overall. I about packed it up because I doubted I would do any better than that for the rest of the day.

I was ecstatic! The recoil was not noticeable to me and very comfortable. I spend time shooting a Glock 20 and a Sig 1911 converted to a 460 Rowland, so I probably wouldn't notice like someone who comes from a 9mm.

I am a reloader, so I am eager to see what type of groups I could work up from further out eventually (155 grain bullets are appealing to me for the 40 S&W). The HK VP40 is the best handgun I have purchased in a long time. I intend to make it my primary go-to range gun for the foreseeable future.
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