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HK VP9/SFP9 trigger error - question

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I have a SFP9. I live in Norway som pardon any language errors.


When I fire my SFP9, especially on the first shot, it has a tendecy not to fire. The trigger feels like it is not in contact or slipping under on the trigger group. At other occations it feels like the trigger is releasing in two stages. Red red loaded chamber indicator is visible at the end of the indicator hole, then on the first trigger pull it goes halfway inside the channel, and on the second pull it has a fullrelease.

I have tried to recreate what is happening in these videos.

[[video][email protected]/28763495190/in/dateposted-public/[/video]

[video][email protected]/28763495190/in/dateposted-public/[/video]

If any of you guys have a idea of what it might be, please give me a advise.

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