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HK Webshop FYI

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Just spoke with HK CS. I have a better understanding now about how the Webshop works.

At one point in the Gun case thread I can no longer find, it was said some felt that the Webshop had a real time inventory system and that you couldn't place an order unless there was inventory to be had. In fact the polar opposite is true. When you place a Webshop order in physically has to be entered in by hand into their system so it can go through. My order is 5 days old and has not been entered, so they are behind. And yes, they are sold out of the cases.

Not a gripe, just FYI as the title says.
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With reference to the HK416 case, I just called CS, too, and they said they're in the process of tagging the cases to the orders. First come first serve. She also said these cases, hopefully, would be shipped out tonite or tomorrow morning.
How do we know if we were made it in time to get a case?
How do we know if we were made it in time to get a case?
Call them.
Also, once your order goes through you can email them for the tracking number.

Or call...
For me, they just automatically sent an e-mail with a Fedex tracking number with no further input on my part.
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