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HK4 Deal?

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Hey guys,

Just won this:

H&K Model 4 7.65 with a 22 conversion kit and hols : Semi Auto Pistols at

As far as I can recall, I've not seen a Model 4 with another conversion for this cheap. I see it's got some holster wear from that weird kydex holster, but I'm looking for a shooter. Think I did okay? Anything to check once I get it? I'm kind of hoping its a BUND marked gun. Love the idea that it was carried by German Police.. Won't know till I get it, though.

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Looks pretty good to me, nice that all the boxes are there. Before fireing, take it down completely and inspect. Most of these pistols were hardly ever shot, so the internals will most likely be excellent, however the buffer and buffer plate should be checked before fireing, as the buffer disintegrates with age.

Avoid looking for a .380 kit for this pistol, the frame will break with hard use of this caliber.
I find that so hard to believe that HK would actually design a gun of theirs with a caliber that would, in fact, break the frame - but I've heard that its true.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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