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HK416 Barrel Turn Down Question

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Hello all,
I am interested in reducing the weight of my 416 upper. I contacted Jayson at IGF and he said that he could take care of me. He recommended turning down the barrel under the hand guards to the Noveske Profile which is about .710. My question is, what is the original measurement of the barrel as it is now? I do not own a pair of calipers, so it is not something that I can measure on my own.

Anyone have this process done? I know/understand that Jayson knows his stuff and knows what he is talking about, but does anyone have any pics/experience with doing this?

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From what I recall, I don't think anyone has molested a true, German 416 barrel. All the one's i've seen are turned-down MR556 barrels.
How about sending it to ADCO to be fluted?
I have thought about it but not had the motivation yet to really dig into it. I think the fear of messing up a true 416 barrel like pointblank said is what is holding me back. It is certainly not that I don't trust Jayson or ADCO. After Jayson works on my 556 I may think about it.
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