HK 416 RAL8000 charging handle. $195 shipped.
Tool Rectangle Wood Household hardware Hardwood

Selling a new take-off SP5 MLI mount. $295 shipped.
Rectangle Wood Office equipment Gas Office supplies
Wood Rectangle Flooring Font Hardwood

B&T MP5k stock with the sling swivel removed and wear on the stock body. $195 $165 shipped.
Automotive tire Wood Toy Composite material Automotive exterior
Tool Bicycle part Monkey wrench Composite material Electric blue

HK MR556 mlok handguard in excellent condition, Cerakoted in RAL8000, without crossbolt. $250 $195 shipped.
Musical instrument Wood Rectangle Flooring Electronic instrument

Brownell's 416 bolt head in excellent condition. $195 shipped.
Office supplies Cylinder Metal Electric blue Auto part
Wood Flooring Hardwood Gas Electric blue

Insight Technologies LAM 1000 (PEQ14) full power visible laser/illuminator and IR laser/illuminator, for HK MK23 and MK24 builds. $795 shipped. SOLD!!
Wood Motor vehicle Flooring Hardwood Car