Geissele SMR 10.5" Handguard. Excellent condition. Comes with one long pic rail. Does NOT include screw.
$350 shipped
Brownells slick side GB for 10.4 Non-vented. $110 shipped. SOLD
HK MR556 heavy barrel cut down to 11" by ADCO Firearms. Barrel was refinished after cut down, but is a BI date code and came new with the upper receiver posted below. 336 rounds total through this barrel since new. S/A denial tab was machined off as well. Same A3 pin style. Gas port corrected by ADCO. $800 Shipped. SOLD.
BI date coded MR556 upper receiver complete. 416 sear relief professionally a
milled into bottom. An 88-xxxx was painted/stenciled in to match an LE agency 416 lower. 336 rounds as well on this. $350 shipped.

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