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Went to the range today, and filmed a couple of runs doing the VTAC 1/2 & 1/2 drill. Run 1 was done cold, Run 2 was done at the end of the session.

Run 1, 20 meters, Time: 8,64
Runde 1 20 meter.AVI - YouTube

Run 1, 10 meters, Time: 3,54
Runde 1 10 meter.AVI - YouTube

Run 1, 5 meters Time: 2.33
Runde 1 5 meter.AVI - YouTube

Result round 1:

Run 2, 20 meters, Time: 6.60
Runde 2 20 meter.AVI - YouTube

Run 2, 10 meters, Time: 3.09
Runde 2 10 meter.AVI - YouTube

Run 2, 5 meters, Time: 2.24
Runde 2 5 meter.AVI - YouTube

The gun runs smoothly.

As for precision, it does quite well. This is my 20 round group @100 meters, in what we call rapid fire; this equates to a cadence of 30 rounds per minute. I was done from the prone position, using the magazine as support.

I was grouping right due to wind. It was about 6 m/s today. My POA was center of target.

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You got me shivering just watching, good video

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Outstanding, dude.

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It is the 16.5" version.

My best group was a sub-MOA group @ 100 meters using a Short Dot a few years ago. 5 round group slow deliberate fire bipod supported.

Shot some more yesterday, and a good time to try out my new Contour Roam as well:

Bill drill:
Bill Drill.MOV - YouTube

Bill drill 2:
Bill Drill 2.MOV - YouTube

Target transitions:
Målveksling.MOV - YouTube

2x2x2.MOV - YouTube

2x2x2, Run 2:
2x2x2 2.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 5 meters:
Failure drill 5 meter.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 10 meters:
Failure drill 10 meter.MOV - YouTube

Failure drill, 15 meters:
Failure drill 15 meter.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 20 meter, 8.55 sek:
Half and Half 20 meters.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 10 meter, 3.91 sek:
Half and Half 10 meter.MOV - YouTube

Half & Half, 5 meter, 2,50 sek:
Half and Half 5 meter.MOV - YouTube

Results Half & Half:

The three shots that are outside the A-Zone are shots 8, 9 and 10 from the 20 meter line, you can see that I'm wobbling a bit on those three shots. I was trying out a new vest setup, and changed out my VTAC 2-point sling with a BFG releasable vest strap. Resulted in less stability than I am used to out front, since I usually cinch the VTAC sling tight when I shoot. Should even itself out after a few more trips to the range.

Gear used:

As far as the gun goes, it still runs like a clock, also after the modifications done to the gun by the techs. No malfunctions what so ever these last two trips, and no malfunctions during an exercise a few weeks ago using blanks and a BFA. The only parts I have swapped out (aside from the upgrade of course) is a hand guard, because I supposedly fastened the screw to tight. The manual says 7N using a torque wrench, my experience is that the screw comes undone after heavy firing using that little force.

It was quite windy yesterday, so didn't bother to do any long range shooting, and worked on the close range stuff.

I know the Bill Drill is shot too close, but I was doing some instruction for a couple of other guys, so we started close in to work on recoil management.

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Did some shooting yesterday, here are some vids (I am the shooter in all the vids):

Bill drill, 7 meters, 1.89, all rounds inside the 9 ring:
Bill Drill.mp4 - YouTube

Three runs of the Failure Drill/Mozambique at 15 meters, start movement at 18 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Failure Drill 15 meters 1.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 15 meters 2.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 15 meters 3.MOV - YouTube

Three runs of the Failure Drill/Mozambique at 30 meters, start movement at 35 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Failure Drill 30 meters 1.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 30 meters 2.MOV - YouTube
Failure Drill 30 meters 3.MOV - YouTube

Headshots from the standing unsupported position at 30 meters was difficult, so needs more practice.

Then we did some standing to kneeling shooting at 15 meters, start movement at 18 meters, shoot when buzzer sounds:
Standing to kneeling 1.MOV - YouTube
Standing to kneeling 2.MOV - YouTube
Standing to kneeling 3.MOV - YouTube

This was followed by four runs of El Presidente, 7 meters, "Heroes or Zeroes" scoring (hits inside 9 ring counts, hits outside means you fail the run). Filmed them both POV and 3rd person view. This was my first time shooting El Presidente.

Run 1, 8.96, 1 miss:
El Pres 1.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 1.mp4 - YouTube

Run 2, 10.44, good hits:
El Pres 2.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 2.mp4 - YouTube

Run 3, 9.33, 1 miss:
El Pres 3.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 3 - YouTube

Run 4, 9.44, good hits:
El Pres 4.mp4 - YouTube
El Prez 4.mp4 - YouTube

Last close quarters drill was a Shoot and Move drill, ran it two times. 4 targets numbered 1-4, four firing positions numbered A-D. Double taps to target 1 and 2 from firing positions A(10m) and B(20m), double taps to targets 3-4 from firing positions C(10m) and D(20). 16 rounds total per run, 45 second time limit. Movement is supposed to be rapid, without running. Hits inside the 8 ring or better. Filmed both runs POV and 3rd person:

Run 1, 32.04 secs, 1 miss:
Move n Shoot 1.mp4 - YouTube
Move and Shoot 1.MOV - YouTube

Run 2, 33.14 secs, all good hits:
Move n Shoot 2 - YouTube
Move and Shoot 2.MOV - YouTube

When I say misses in regards to the all drills above, I mean that I did not hit the required zone, not that I missed the target completely. Just for clarification. I had also shot a few drills before the Bill Drill, but did not film those. I also shot a Standing to Prone drill at 30 meters, but I haven't had time to edit it for PERSEC.

Then we did some long range shooting, first at head sized balloons, then at an F-type silhouette steel target (you might see it to the left of the bigger target). Targets were placed at 300 meters. Only used the Aimpoint, prone magazine supported:

Targets.MP4 - YouTube

HK416.MP4 - YouTube
HK416 POV.MOV - YouTube

Was able to score quite a few hits, on both balloons and the steel target.

No malfunctions with the gun today, like always.

Then, lastly, I did some HK417 shooting:

HK417.MP4 - YouTube
HK417 POV.MOV - YouTube

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Does your training include the thumb break method, or is that how you hold, a lot of leo seem to hold the mag or fore grip,

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There is not really a set method of weapon grip techniques taught in the norwegian mil. And not many guys who shoot like I do, in terms of technique. Most people hold further back on the forearm.

I have tried a variety of grips techniques over the years, from the magwell hold, forearm resting in the palm of the hand, broomstick hold on the VFG, AFG, to now the technique you see me use in the vids.

I also adjust my technique when kneeling or in the prone.

If I have support for the weapon I will adapt my grip to use the support/barricade as well as I can.

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It's good to see how weapons and training have changed for the better, you can watch better training methods then they had 20 years ago, but at least I don't feel old, keep up the good work

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Went out today for some shooting. My goal was to practice target to target transitions, so no super exciting vids.

I fired 430 rounds today, no malfunctions. I also shot 60 rounds through my MP7A1, no hiccups there either.

MP7A1 vids:
FILE0042 - YouTube
FILE0043 - YouTube
FILE0044 - YouTube

FILE0061 - YouTube

In this vid the talking is just going through my timings and splits:

20 meters: 1st round at 1:03, total 7:69
10 meters: 1st round at 1:02, total 3:55
5 meters: 1st round at 0:69, 2 round at 0:84, 3 round at 0:99, total 2:03

I'm pushing myself a bit too fast, causing me to not apply the correct offset for POA/POI with rounds not landing inside the 8" circle. Still effective shots, but accuracy standards are accuracy standards.

Some transition vids:

FILE0052 - YouTube
FILE0053 - YouTube (ID my mistake)
FILE0054 - YouTube
FILE0058 - YouTube

I'm working on getting my cadence correct. I have a bad tendency to shoot hammers, instead of shooting pairs and having my shot-to-shot splits and target-to-target splits the same.

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At another board I frequent, there was a discussion about the utility of select fire capability in an assault rifle. I am of the opinion that well aimed rapid semi-automatic fire is the way to go.

Anyways, I referenced this video of me shooting the 1/2 & 1/2 drill:

FILE0061 - YouTube

and said that I was going to shoot the drill in FA as well, too see what the results were. Here are the vids are:

Run 1, fully automatic, 10 round burst:

FILE0075 - YouTube

20 meters: 1st shot @ 1.33, total time 1.86
10 meters: 1st shot @ 1.13, total time 1.66
5 meters: 1st shot @ 0.98, total time 1.50

Run 2, fully automatic, short bursts:

FILE0076 - YouTube

20 meters: 1st shot @ 1.15, total time 3.04
10 meters: 1st shot @ 1.13, total time 2.66
5 meters: 1st shot @ 1.04, total time 2.00

I am faster with my first shot, and more accurate with semi-auto fire overall. With FA, I get shots down range faster obviously, but if the target was moving or smaller I think it would be more difficult with FA. The same with engaging more than one target.

In addition, it was a bit awkward flipping the safety to FA, and I believe that is the cause of the increased time use.

You will score hits, but you will be faster with the first shot and more accurate with SA.

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Did some shooting today; a reactive target lane and some balloon shooting at ~300 meters:

Balloon shooting:
Target size:

Target view:

Shooter view film:
Balloons 3X - YouTube

Target view film:
Balloons 3X 2 - YouTube

These are of the same run.

Reactive target lane:

This drill being shot was a result of the discussion on SA vs FA capability mentioned in a previous post.

The drill didn't provide any concrete results as far as time to target engagement is concerned, or hits on target. The only thing that could be measured was total time for completion, and I don't find that relevant.

You can watch the vids for yourselves, and maybe come to a conclusion as to the utility of FA. My conclusion to follow later in the post.

I shot it 4 different ways:

Aimpoint - FA
Aimpoint - SA

The drill, as described in the marksmanship manual, states gear and amount of ammunition:

-2nd line; I shot it in 4th line (ruck)
-30 rounds distributed between 2 mags, I had 15 in each

My gear as worn when I shot the drills:

Shooting this drill in my 4th line gear really confirmed why I hate fighting with a ruck on my back; it's completely useless. Especially uphill, as this particlar range requires.

The videos:

Aimpoint - FA
Aimpoint FA - YouTube

Aimpoint - SA
Aimpoint SA - YouTube

BUIS FA - YouTube

NOTE: As you can see, my rear BUIS is not up when I engaged the first target. It was most likely knocked down as I was donning my pack. I engaged the target by using a semi-point shoot/front sight reference technique.

BUIS SA - YouTube


-The Aimpoint is, in my eyes, superior to the BUIS. It is faster to track onto a target, it is easier to stay on target and getting a good enough sight picture is less demanding. From 10 meters and in, a highly trained shooter might not notice significant differences. For beginner/novice shooters, a red dot will provide better results faster. The point shooting method was inadvertently needed on the first target during my BUIS-FA run, and clearly showed that it is crap. For shooting on the move a red dot is superior.

-You can have a positive effect on target utilizing both FA and SA modes of fire. However, ammo consumption is markedly higher on FA; I only changed magazines when shooting FA. The effect of the additional rounds when firing bursts is debatable. My view is that I can achieve the same effect by shooting rapid single shots.

I shot all the drills to the best of my ability, and did not try to influence the results to support my preference; something that should be quite clear from my horrible shooting at target 4 during my Aimpoint - SA run. And the next time I shoot this drill, the ruck stays in the car!

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On my last outing, describe above, I shot a few 100 meter groups, to see what kind of accuracy I could get.

Shot from the prone, supported on a ruck, using an Aimpoint CompM4 With 3X magnifier:

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

These four groups were my last for the day, and when I returned home and started doing my maintenance, I found that the handguard was loose. Don't know if that had any effect. I have over 10k through my rifle.


I went out today, to shoot some more groups for accuracy, to see if I could shoot better than last time. The weather wasn't really ideal for shooting at range, but I was able to shoot four groups before it got real bad.

It would seem that my performance on the previous groups I shot was due to me sucking, and not the gun.

The previous groups were shot in full gear, the groups I shot today were shot slick. I also felt that my rest/support was a bit better today. I did however not use my 3x magnifier today, and shot better for some strange reason.

Group 1:

Group 2:

Group 3:

Group 4:

Group 3 was shot a bit fast, as I felt I had a good return on target after every shot. I am a bit high on all, due to zeroing at 50/200. Maybe a bit too high, going to look into that.
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