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HK416 Technical and Specification documentation

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I am interested in all types of official and military documentation for the HK416. I already have the User/Operator Manual, plus the manuals for the Norwegian mil.

If you have the following, I would appreciate if you could send me via mail:

MIL-SPEC testing document
Armorers Manual

I can povide military ID if neccessary

Thank you
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While I do appreciate the spirit of the Internet and information sharing, some documents and publications are provided only for authorized use. While armorer's manuals are often available on the Internet for download, typically they are done so without the consent of HK.

If you are military, you may try to contact HK-Germany and see if they are able to provide you with the documents. If/when the manuals are approved for general distribution, you should be able to purchase them on

Best wishes,
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