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HK45 & 45c German made-Confirmed!

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I checked with one distributor and they have 10 HK45 models in stock, #745001-A5. Sales rep provided the serial #s and they all begin with 126, so these should be German made/marked. One arrives tomorrow afternoon and I will confirm as to German.

Confirmed!! Label states made in German. Slide has German markings. available to be ordered

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Technology Netbook Electronics Electronic device Vehicle

Brown Leather Metal

If anyone wants one you can order thru my web site.

$983.50 + $7 shipping/insurance.

Also available, #745031-A5 HK45c V1 serial # starts with 128-xxxxx, stag horn/DE on slide $983.50 available to be ordered

Firearm Gun Trigger Gun accessory Gun barrel

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HK45 or 45c? I'm interested in a 45c if you get one. German made only. Thanks Mike.
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