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So after weeks of anything and everything coming up I finally was able to get to the range to play with my new HK pistols. Warmed up the HK45, HK45c, and P30LS. All 3 performed flawlessly with a couple of different ammos. I like all 3 of them but I think the P30LS is the best shooter of the bunch. I was amazed at how accurate I was with it. I am normally a 40 and 45 guy but got this one as a shooter and boy what a shooter it is. The next is the HK45C. I was able to shoot it better than the fullsize HK45. Seemed a bit strange but the more I shot them the more I realized the fullsize just does not fit me as well. I'll be keeping it but will shoot the 45c much more.

All in all a good stress relieving range session. Would have gotten some pics but a couple of idiots showed up with improper habits so I packed up and left before becoming a bullet catch.

Now if I could just get my P30S .40cal. Been on order for longer than expected.
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