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I took my HK45 to the range on Saturday. First off, I love this thing, shoots WAY better than I am capable of shooting it. Shot fist sized groups at 20 yards off hand. Anyway, I shot the first 150 or so rounds to get aquainted with her, then I ran through some qualification courses of fire. I then shot the final 200 rounds in double and tripple taps. Almost all shooting came out of a holster, to get used to drawing a slightly longer handgun than I am used to. I also wanted to focus on mag changes, as I plan to use the HK45 as my duty weapon, and the mag release is the only major difference from the handgun I have carried for years...

I really like the trigger. The double action pull is a bit heavy, but the single action is pleasantly light, and the reset seems about right for my hands... The other thing I will have to get used to is the slide catch, but it was not a problem at all....

500 rounds, not a hicup or failure of any kind, which is what I expected...

HK can count me as a happy recipient of the HK45.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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