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I recently purchased a HK45 and like many of us was looking around for what holster would work for conceal carry. I never carried my HK USP 45 much due to the size, but had purchased a Kramer IWB Holster for it. Granted the HK45 isn't that much smaller except for being thinner, which I find given reasonable overall size, being thinner to be more important. I tried my new HK45 in it and it seemed to fit as if it was made for it. I certainly think my not using the Kramer much kept it from stretching to fit the USP and made the fit better for the HK45. Anyway here are some pictures. I'll do a range report on scores and splits when the weather is warmer. Right now I find I need to use the joint of my thumb to off the safety for condition one. A little wider and more extended shelf to the rear on the thumb safety would be helpful to this 1911 shooter.:D

1 - 4 of 5 Posts
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