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HK45 ccw holster

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I recently purchased a HK45, I would like to located a holster to conceal and carry this firearm. does anyone have any recommendations. the guy at the gun shop said that bastard is to big to conceal and carry. lol
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PM the gentleman that started this thread. He has carried the HK45 for a while, and he just got the compact version.
Are you looking for on the belt or inside the pants? I love Milt Sparks holsters. They are pricey, but will last you a lifetime and are very comfortable.
I CCW an HK45 with a comp Tac Minotaur easily
It's easy to conceal IMO. I'm a skinny guy and could do it. A good sturdy belt + Raven Concealment Phantom.

IIRC, Todd Green used some type of IWB Holster -
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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