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HK45 full-size extended magazine release

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Newbie here (more active on another forum).
Is my understanding correct that there is NO extended magazine release option for the HK45 full-size?

My search terms via Google were: "hk45" extended mag release -hk45c -usp

And, I wasn't getting any real, relevant results. Most pointed to the HK45c mag release on a USP etc etc... Part #234270

Thanks in advance to all who will answer.
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There is no extended mag release for the HK45 full-size. The stock HK45 mag release is big enough it does not need to be any bigger.

The HK45 Compact mag release aka Extended Mag Release (EMR) can only be fitted to a P2000-series or USP/USPc-series gun, and of course, itself. No other guns.
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