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This might be a Heads Up section post but stuck it in the CA area because it is so region specific

Direct Action Solutions(DAS) located in Solana Beach, CA. A couple blocks north of the San Diego Fairgrounds.
SINGLE SHOT EXEMPT PISTOLS | Direct Action Solutions

Sales Office & Showroom

722 Genevieve Street, Suite G
Solana Beach CA 92075

Tuesday - Saturday
10am - 6pm

(858) 436-7088
Toll Free: 888-549-4870
Fax: 858-436-7039

Some more info...

Single Shot Exemption Explanation

Posted on January 11, 2012 by shawn in Uncategorized
OK. Here it is. Here is how the Single Shot Exemption works here at our shop.

First of the SSE cannot be done on every pistol that is not on the California Roster of Approved Handguns. Most of the guns we offer require us to purchase extra parts to make the gun meet the dimensional requirements of the SSE. (The gun must have a minimum barrel length of 6 inches, and an overall length of 10.5 inches) Most guns are not even close to this. The solution is to purchase a new barrel from manufacturer or source one from an aftermarket company. In some cases this may cost as much as $5oo.

So now that we have found a barrel, we need to lengthen it so it meets the SSE requirements. Usually lengthening the barrel will help us meet both dimensional requirements. The final modification is to manufacture some sort of block that can be inserted into the magazine well. The purpose of this is to change the gun from a semi-auto magazine fed firearm to a single shot firearm that can only be loaded one round at a time. With the longer barrel installed in the slide and the block installed in the magazine well, we have now created a Single Shot Exempt Pistol. This pistol is now exempt from the California Roster of Handguns, and legal to sell in California.

When you come into purchase your SSE pistol, it will be configured with the longer barrel and magazine block installed. You will start your ATF and Department of Justice paperwork and start your ten day waiting period. When you return to pick up your firearm, you will sign and complete all necessary documents, and receive your SSE pistol. The gun is now yours.

At this point, the gun is now yours and you can legally modify it. This means you can remove the lengthened barrel and remove the magazine well block. This may require some tools which we will have handy for you to use. We will then pass over the original barrel and magazines that came with your gun. You can install the barrel and magazine back into your gun and there you have it. You gun is now fully functional, just as it was when it started life as a Glock Gen4, or an HK45.

Please visit our Single Shot Exempt Pistols page to view a list of pistols we are currently offering.

One final note, because of the extra cost that are differed to us as your friendly local gun shop, please don’t assume that we can just get any gun and perform the SSE for you. We only offer this service to firearms that we know we can sell multiples of. The HK45 is a very popular firearm so that was an easy choice for us. The factory HK barrel that we purchased was $475, so we need to sell quite a few to spread the cost of that barrel out. The 1911 barrel that we made will fit most 1911 models out there. If you want to purchase a 1911, the only real issue is availability of the firearm. With that said, please check our website for all SSE options we have before sending us an email asking us to SSE some random .32ACP pistol that they only made 500 of. That gun is most likely out of the question due to the cost and availability of parts. However, if there is a gun that you cannot live without, and you are willing to incur the costs of purchasing an extra barrel, give us a call and we will make it happen for you.

You can visit our contact page with any questions or comments.

Single Shot Exempt Pistols

Posted on November 16, 2011 by shawn in Uncategorized
We have received many emails asking us to help*explain the Single Shot Exemption.* Here are a few links that will lead you to a few different articles that*contain tons of great information about the Single Shot Exemption.

*Single Shot Exemption Explanation/Database Thread -

Roster exemption summary/clarifications (single-shot pistol/single-action revolver) -

We are currently offering a long list of handguns that are sold under the Single Shot Exemption:

Hk45,*HK p30, FNP-45, FNP-45 Tactical, all Glock gen 4′s, and most 1911′s,.

If you have any further questions, or would like to inquire about purchasing a firearm that is not on the above list, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at (858) 436-7088.
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