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HK45 wont decock - FIXED

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Im pretty new to HK and firearms in general. I purchased my HK45 a few months ago and it has fired 1000 rounds flawlessly. I installed a left hand safety switch and now it won't decock. I removed and reinstalled it 3 times and the same issue. Everything but the decocking function works fine. I think the hammer and spring that apply pressure to the plate that controls the safety has too much tension. If I apply pressure to the top of the plate it will decock fine. What can I do to remove pressure from that plate? Thanks
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The title of your thread is misleading. You might want to go back and fix it.
This issue has been brought up recently. You might be able to improve the tension by polishing the detent plate (on the side rubbing the frame) and greasing it well.
Thanks TooSixy, I did exactly what you said and it functions well. It's not buttery smooth but it works, hopfully it will get better with use, if not I'll polish it again next cleaning.
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