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HK45c Grip issue solved!

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HK45c, incredible handgun, even by HK standards.

However, the slippery front and back straps were a problem for me when my hands were damp since I don't wear gloves when shooting.

Now instead of stippling, grip tape, Hogue, or my personal favorite...bicycle inner tube.

Prior to completion of new plant, manufacturing is Germany for HK45c. They do have one difference in the spec. Inexplicably, a different mold used for grip and is Very aggressive feeling....Like USP. This applies only to the front and back strap. Sides are still slick for CC without cheese grater effect to skin.

NOTE: There is no other spec difference. Only the grip improvement.

Correction: They are available at a number of sources including our own supporting Vendors including Cross Creek

I will post later. Just took delivery of two of them. Are AWESOME!

Supposedly more will be arriving. Possibly as late as the March shipment from Germany.

However, the US plant will open not long after that.

I would not wait if you want one of these.

Get them while you can.

Also, hopefully if HK USA reads these forums they will consider utilizing the German mold for non-gloved shooters.

The German version is the true progeny of the finest handgun every made.....the venerable USP.

Will post pics in a few hours.
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How does the 45c shoot compared to the usp45 compact

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