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HK45c issues

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Hello everyone

I am currently taking the 250 course at Gunsite with my HK45c. I've only had the firearm for 3 weeks before the class...I figured Gunsite would provide me with a great foundation in defensive pistol tactics to build upon with my new firearm. The HK45c is my EDC as well as my HD choice. I have the variant that is DA/SA with the safety and decocker. I carried a 1911 before this HK and I like the SA trigger as well as the ability to carry condition one. During my training at GS I have failed to get off rounds in timed drills because I am riding the HK's safety and depressing the decocker. This never happened at the range prior to GS. But has happened 6 times already and it is now apparent that the firearm as is, it not suitable for me to trust me life with. Why HK designed their safety/decocker like that is beyond me. I did some research and it appears I have two options...I can convert to LEM or install an HK detent plate. How reliable is the detent plate? Does anyone carry condition one with the detent plate? Does it work as advertised? I guess I am trying to make the HK behave like a 1911 (SAO)and maybe I just need to accept that they are two different animal and install the LEM. Any opinions, advice, or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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WTF There is a simple solution, just change the damn detent plate it only takes several minutes and is a very easy task. After that the safety will no longer function as a de-cocker and only as a safety like a 1911 it will still be every bit as reliable as any other HK NO COMPRMISE

( This is what I did to mine by the way )
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