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hk45c lem conversion problem

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HI all

I read the instructions and watched the video for lem conversion and can't get around a hang up:

I can't get the trigger bar to "reset" flush against the right part of the gun. It seems like there isn't enough space between the detent bar/sping and the trigger bar as the trigger bar continually wants to move left. In the instruction video it seems all that's needed is a simple push/depress and the trigger bar clicks in. Perhaps Im doing something wrong but it seems that this shouldn't be this difficult. any suggestions?
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If you can't physically hold the trigger bar in place, try putting a piece of dense foam into the space of the frame not requiring room for the hammer. You'll have to trim the foam to fit rather tightly. But it always works for me. Just be sure and watch the trigger bar detent doesn't "fly to the moon"!
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