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HK45c Lem

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Hello I am looking to purchase a HK45c lem. I have been looking around for one with the light lem but have not been able to find one with any of my local gun dealers. So i was wondering if you guys could tell me what parts i would need to buy to make a hk45c lem into a light lem. also if it is difficult to install those parts. Thankyou for the help.
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If you can't find a HK45C Light LEM, buy the Heavy (standard) LEM and get these 2 springs: Light TRS and Light FPBS. Those springs will convert the standard LEM to Light LEM.
Close but no cigar. :wink: You need the mainspring (hammer spring) from the standard HK45C (234479) for Light LEM. The firing pin block spring may already be correct, it's the same as in the standard HK45C. (I gotta get a macro for this!)

-- Chuck
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