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hk51 recoil rod options

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So i have seen a few different options on how companies chop down 91 bolt carriers to work in the hk51 style build. PTR has their retractable recoil rod/spring as well as a shortened bolt carrier, while Vector and some others just chop down the bolt carrier flush with the bolt face and do not appear(i could be totally wrong here) to modify the length of the recoil rod/spring allowing you to use standard hk91 butt stocks. Does chopping the bolt down that short have any adverse effects? I'm just wondering why PTR would do a convoluted collapsible recoil rod setup when they could just chop the bolt more.

If you dropped a bolt carrier group from a Vector v51 into a PTR 51P PDW:
A) Would it even work?
B) Could you use a standard hk91 butt stock on it?

I am asking because i am about to have an HK training bolt cut down for my PTR 51P and would like to use a standard length recoil rod if at all possible.

Thanks and sorry if this has been asked before but several searches did not have any results for this particular question.
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