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We are thrilled to offer a top quality Collapsing Recoil Assembly for your HK51 or V51. Engineered in America by Innovative Armament Corporation. This is the complete recoil assembly ready to pin onto your 51 carbine or SBR Pistol. Also available as a complete buttstock assembly.

HK51 Collapsing Recoil Assembly $119.95

COMBO: HK51 Buttstock with Recoil & Buffer Assemblies Complete $179.95
the complete buttstock assembly, ready to pin onto your rifle or carbine.

* Allows for the use of latest generation HK buttstock on HK51 and V51 carbines and SBR pistols
* Large 5mm diameter rod
* Steel rod hardened to rockwell c93 specifications and a tensile strength of 174,000psi
* Stainless steel hardware
* Bushing's are brazed with a 16,000 psi tensile strength braze
* Specially designed piston head reduces internal friction and eliminates binding
* Complete stock combo includes new POF buttstock and HK buffer assembly installed
* Designed in America by Americans

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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