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HK91 Carry Handle and Finish

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So I was sitting with my HK91, playing with the carrying handle when something occurred to me: For all their incredible engineering genius, the krauts made a carry handle that appears to have a rotating piece of metal that'll just grind and grind away at the top of your receiver every time you move it. :eek:

I've messed with that handle so much since I got the rifle lmao. And seeing as it's a blue-grey finish, which appears to be rarer given the window of time in which it was made, that kind of sucks.

Ah well, for the price it could have been dug out of a foxhole in Zimbabwe and I wouldn't have cared. Actually I'd have paid more for that, given that it'd be a Rhodesian Bush Wars gun. God I bet that scratch is freaking hideous. And will I have to take the handle off to put on wood furniture?

But what say you, folks? Leave it on or take it off? Sounds like it's rather permanent, but my GOD I love the wood furniture... Might invest in an authentic bipod if I can't put on the wood instead.
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Leave it on -- if you take it off, you will always be looking at the finish where it was. The worst is removing the shell deflector, which almost always makes a mess of the finish.
The wood will fit over the handle tangs just fine, you might need to fit it a little bit.

Down the road, try and find a 'heavy' bipod...they were OEM when slimline forends were all there was.

Pretty expensive, but they work great and are business-looking.

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