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Have for sale HK93 magazines

1: 20 round magazine, alloy. Extremely rare and this one is in mint condition $195 shipped.
2: 30 round magazine, steel. One shows insertion marks $65, one does not $75 BOTH SPF to WH
3: 25 round magazine, steel. They have been duracoated, one is IC, the other HJ date coded, $65ea SPF to Nathan
4: not shown but available an HK marked german factory mag clamp, near mint $65 SPF to Chuck

Please add $7 for priority shipping, unless noted, to where legal in lower 48
Buy two magazines or more and get free shipping.
Buy them all, get free shipping and the mag clamp for only $30
USPS mo, or discreet PP gift or 3% your choice.
Thanks for looking.

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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