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HK94 and MP5, plastic grip frame or metal?

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Just wondering if the grip frame for HK94 and MP5 were different. The MP5 photos I've seen (including the ones here on HKPRO) show plastic SEF grip frame in the earlier versions, and then later Navy ones. On the other hand, HK94 appears to have metal SEF frame, and I've seen some with plastic SEF. I think there weren't any Navy frame HK94 since the import were not updated to that.

Certainly the end user could swap all the grip frames they want, but I'm wondering about the original configuration from HK. Anyone can confirm?
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Original HKO produced 94's had a steel grip frame with a plastic grip. Exactly the same as the original 93 grip frames. VERY early MP5's had steel frames similiar to the 93. Much more common is the all plastic grip frames now.
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