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Well this has been a discussed topic in the past, in that the person who did the Form 1 is technically supposed to do the SBR conversion. Getting it cut by someone else was considered incorrect sequencing, and potentially made that third party the actual "maker" of the SBR. Maybe that changed in the last few years. The last one that I converted that had to have the barrel actually cut was back in 2008. All the others since were pistols that just required adding a stock after engraving.

Maybe it's now considered a "don't care".

But hey, the reality of it is that I really just want to cut it down and play with it in that form for a while before sending it off for the other mod work. I've shot it with my sear in it a few times, but that long barrel sticking out the front is just dorky looking.
Just from the outside looking in....why not keep the original (just in case you want to sell off in the future, and remove from NFA) and install the below listed? This way you don't lose the "value", by cutting down the barrel. Just a thought.
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