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@straightgrain or whomever is currently strongest with the force. I am sad to say that in 2004 I did not make it to the party for the limited run Colored USP's. Again in 2013 I missed the boat on the Group Buy HK45c, RAL8000, aka baby poop, now labeled by HK as Sand. In the group buy update thread on page 53 for this pistol, straightgrain stated that HK was willing to continue the run for HKPro members only. I am game if it can be done. I would like to get an exclusive going again on anything HK45 or HK45c. As I see it, there are SOOOO Many options.

1st-HK45c or HK45ct OD Frame with black slide.
2nd-HK45c or HK45ct with an actual FDE Frame with a black slide or cerakoted to match slide
3rd-HK45 or HK45T RAL8000 frame, AKA Sand, with a black slide (to match the previous group buy compact)
4th-HK45c or HK45ct RAL8000 Frame renewed run of the original group buy as stated on page 53 of the group buy update
5th-HK45, HK45T in an actual Gray Frame
6th-HK45c or HK45ct in an actual Gray Frame
7th-I'll try to find a photo, but HK did a limited run of HK45's in a color that was somewhere between OD Greenish and Gray.

Please lets get something exclusive going that I can actually partake in.
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The middle pistol Reference to idea #7
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5th-HK45, HK45T in an actual Gray Frame

add a poll to thread
My Vote
HK45T in an actual Gray Frame
HK45ct in an actual Gray Frame
With Unique Serial Numbers like the last three digits the same........

I like any of the Gray Frame "T", but no matter what is decided I will take a couple.
I would definitely be down for a HK45T in grey (option 5)! I think I just peed a lil with the thought....

and would give serious consideration to a compact version.....

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#6!!!! oh. my.god.... #6 please.

I'll buy 2.
I'm in for #5 or #6 actual gray only in a group buy, now that is something to get excited about!
Poll Added. Probably a pipe dream but Lets play.... 3rd Option is supposed to be RAL Frame...
Remember, if someone here can't grease the exclusive wheels, maybe HK is listening....
#5 in tactical would be the heat, I'd be all over it.
#5 and/or 6 would be nice. If they are doing Gray VP9 now, we can hope.
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