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I've been itching to buy a new gun recently. I didn't know what I wanted...I just knew I wanted one. Last week I bought another AR that I came's an LMT 16 and I knew the guy and it was a good price...but it sits in the safe and it didn't scratch the itch. I still want a new gun. Then today while surfing around on the web looking for ideas...I saw an HK UMP 45 with a shortened barrel and a folding stock...and I really, REALLY liked it.

I've always loved the concept of the 45 cal sub-gun...the Tommy Gun being the obvious example. Now I'm thinking that it might be really cool to get the tax stamp for an SBR and then have someone cut the barrel down for me. I'm no expert on HK's...but I shoot a lot of 45 ACP, I reload for it, I think it would be a great home defense gun, and if I put a suppressor on it then it will be just that much more fun. What am I missing? (besides my brain).
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Since you already have the AR, Ron Williams makes a .45 direct impingement upper. Mine shoots as smooth as my converted HK94 in 9mm but is using .45 ammo. If you want to go the HK style gun, I'd go with a SW45X long before I'd go with the UMP clone. The UMP is just a blow back gun. The roller locked mechanism is so much smoother, especially in .45. Good luck with your new gun project. YMMV.

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