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Holster road block...

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If anyone has a favorite site to browse for custom holsters, could you link me please? Im having a helluva time finding something that suits my USP .40 tactical. Currently using a USP .45 holster, but that leaves the threaded barrel sticking out about 3/4 of an inch... and as Im still waiting on my thread protector to come in, Im left with that "It woudl be a damn shame to mess that up" feeling. Thanks in advance. Shoulder would be nice, but Ill settle for something less irratating for the moment.
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1,673 Posts Makes a terriffic shoulder rig but it would be a long wait time. They make a wonderful line of HK holsters, reasonable priced, and not to long for delivery. The also off a shoulder rig. They make kydex and leather. Lots of options.

Both companies have great people working for them and have good customer service.

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