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On fifthward's "SLIM is IN" thread I posted about my comfort and ease of use of my Sticky Holster for my HK P30 9mm. I did not want to hijack fifthward's thread so I started this thread to post an additional comment about that holster.

I now have a HK USP 45 Tactical and was more than a little surprised that I can conceal carry it too with the Sticky holster same as I do the P30. Inside of front right pocket, angled to 7:00 for left hand draw. I am concerned that practice drawing the weapon will eventually cause damage to the inside of the holster because of the high profile sights.

I also have a Forbus GL4 Paddle Holster that I use with my P30 but I think the USP 45 Tactical would not conceal as well in that configuration.

Are there other IWB holsters out there for the HK USP 45 Tactical that I should take a look at? I do not want to assume that because the same holster that works for my P30 works for the USP 45 Tactical means that it is the only or best option for me.

I did take the time to search for other threads but they are mostly from 2010 and older and concern OWB not IWB with one exception. There was one thread that recommended a Comp-Tac C-TAC but that was for a full size HK USP 45 not the Tactical which has the higher sights.
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