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you guys gotta check these out.i just got my akj concealco IWB holster and i cant believe the thing,its like my P2000 isnt there.when it showed up this after noon i was wearing one of my tighter white T shirts and shorts when i put it on it was perfectly concealed and actualy comfertble!!!!! heres the link ill get pics of mine up soon you goota check these out.oh ya and there under 70$ hand made.
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How long was your wait time? I ordered back in early April.....:901:
yeah I ordered the one with the sweatshield in the last week of april and still waiting. :-/

I told you MueveloNYC to get a fist .... Catalina this is too long for a custom holster you should look at also. TJ
I didn't like the fist option as it's a single fat clip on the belt.
Which one were you wanting? The tuckable? Tell them what you want they will build it for you!! MueveloNYC don't be shy with them and I can assure that they will make it right....

LOL! You folks talk about how long it takes to get a custom holster. I ordered a Urban Safari Rig from a year ago in Feburary of 2005!

I see last month a charge to my credit card. for it and when I spoke to them it was soon to be on the way.... I though they had just forgot about it. I was schocked to see that he was still trying to get his customs out. I have a 68 in chest so I figured they had to wait for a bull to but there reason was two of his custom builders had left him and he hasn't been able to replace them yet... TJ:300000000:
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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