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How do I know if colored HK frame was done at factory?

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I have read a couple strings where sellers will paint an HK USP frame (ex. gray, tan, etc) since they are more rare in those colors from the factory, and of course charge a premium on them.

How does one know if the HK "coloring" was done at the factory or after the fact by a seller? Is there anythig in the serial number maybe or even a simple stamp on the box / case that says "tan" for example?
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Disassembly would probably reveal any unpainted pieces/areas. The colored frames are uniformly colored, so they are the same throughout. Easiest place to look would be the magazine channel. Look for wear in the colored finish. If you see black, it's a paint job.
Thanks...makes sense...since I mostly dearl with online transactions I will ask for pics of the mag well
Ask for a money back guarantee with shipping costs included. It will separate the sheep from the goats. If you scratch paint it will chip. If you scratch plastic it will be a similar color.
Hi I'm not sure if when you refer to factory you mean the H&K factory. I know that the H & K manufacturer only offered blued finishes on the H&K P7's and on the P7M8. They did offer a nickel finish on the P7m10 direct from the H&K factory. Any other finishes you see such as olive, earth, silver were done after market for the P7 and P7M8. Unfortunately I don't know about the the many other models they offer.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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