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How do I send my Handgun to HK for warranty work ?

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Hello All,
I think I have to send my HK45C in for some warranty work I am having a Hammer Follow issue, I have never sent a handgun to be repaired before and wanted some suggestions on the best way to go about it.
Do I need to get a return authorization, what is the best way to ship it securely UPS, Fed EX? ( should I ship it in the HK plastic case and then in a cardboard box? ), insurance reccomendations and any other pertinent information or tips?
Thanks in advance for the advice everyone. GOTURBACK
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Definitely contact HK first. They will take great care of you and give you shipping instructions.
Go to the Customer Service portion of the Forum and get it straight from the horses mouth.
Definitely contact HK first. They will take great care of you and give you shipping instructions.
+1 I have sent a few of my HK's in and they always do a great job on my guns.
Just call HK and they will give you an RMA number. You will have to ship your gun to them overnight and write the RMA number on the outside of the box.
When I have sent my guns in on a Monday, I usually have them back by Thursday or Friday.
They do a great job.
Do NOT ship it UPS unless they send it Next Day Air--they will not insure the package if it is a complete firearm that's shipped HAS to go air.....I was a small package supervisor for UPS while in college and their regulations got way way stricter following 9/11....that being said the Air packages get much better handling and documentation and most importantly INSURANCE!

Best of luck to ya....let us know how it goes....
I just called HK. The HK Armorer's are out of the office until next week.
Well, this is a perfect time for me to comment on HK's customer service.

Here's the gist:
They're great.
The RA # doesn't expire, so you can wait until it's a convenient time to ship it.
After they completed their work on it, they'll call you and ask when you'll be home to take possession.

This is what happened to me:
Sent the pistol in for repair.
It arrived at their repair department Tuesday morning 8:28AM.
Received a call from Sam (repair dept manager) at 8:45AM the same Tuesday morning asking if I'll be available on Wednesday to sign for the shipment.
Wednesday 4PM: Fedex dropped off the package.

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I didn't answer your questions in the post above:

-You are required to have the RA#, and written on the outside box or HK can refuse the shipment.
-Both UPS and Fedex stipulates that firearms be shipped Next Day Air (UPS) or Priority Overnight (FedEx). You can pick the cheapest Saver options from those. FedEx/UPS also requests that you notify the person at the counter that it's a firearm - and you typically have to take it to a hub instead of any simple UPS/FedEx store. Sometimes the person at the counter don't know the overnight air company policy, but if you ship it other than what's stipulated and it becomes lost or stolen... then the carrier might not cover it under insurance.
-I was told by HKCS that it's best to ship it in its carrying case and then an external box to prevent damage during transit. Don't include accessories or extras. The HKUSA site suggests shipping it with an empty magazine in the pistol.
Going to bump this thread as I may have a VP9 that I need get some trigger work done on

Anything change recently since this thread?

So if I ship it myself it has to be overnight service via UPS or FedEx ... how much does that normally cost on average? (I'm in CA.)

So I will ship in the H&K box with a single empty mag and noting else, packed in another box as well.

So first thing is contact HK and receive and RMA number from them right?

Do they ever cover shipping TO them? This is a Brand New VP9 (only 1 week in my possession) ... wonder if they cover shipping both ways on new firearms?

Anything else I need to know?

Some have suggested have an FFL do this and it may be cheaper ... is overnight service a lot of money?

Pretty upset with the trigger issue I have on my brand new gun but I do not want to spend like 50 bucks to ship something back that is brand new and should have good out of the box you know.

Anyway ... just wanted to open this back up and verify the proper procedure in getting this taken of.

Thanks for any further or new info you can provide. :)
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Anything mass produced by human beings is bound to have a couple examples that are flawed. It's a bummer, but it happens. When you speak to HK custy service to obtain an RMA, you might politely express your displeasure at having to send in a brand new gun and they might cover the shipping. Everything else will happen as you stated.

Not to be a little nit-picky byatch or anything -- genuinely more for your knowledge -- but in your signature line you state that you have a "Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport AR-15". You don't have an AR-15, which is only produced by Armalite, you have a M&P15 Sport. A fine entry level weapon in my opinion -- again, not bust your balls.
I just sent my VP9 in for warranty work also. I called them and they emailed me a return slip. I put the VP9 in its original box along with my name, address, telephone number, customer number, and RA number like the rep told me to do. I brought it to get shipped and fedex ziptied the handle shut. I wanted it in another box but they said they don't send them like that. It arrived to HK on Monday and I haven't heard anything yet. Hopefully I hear something this Monday, other wise I will call them before they close. I have been pleased so far with HK's customer service.
I would expect them to cover shipping if its warranty work. Its much easier and cheaper if they cover the shipping. I've had to send 3 guns in for warranty work (non HK's) and the manufacturers covered shipping in all cases.
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