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How do you clock the flash hider on a 33/53/93 series rifle?

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Recently purchased a hider from HKPARTS that doesn't clock 12/3/6/9:00 and found they don't have a crush washer or peel washer listed on the site. What is the typical method used to get the muzzle device properly timed? Threads start well inside muzzle device, so my assumption is shimming at the front of the barrel.
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What type flash hider? I never noticed a timing issue with a stock HK flash hider, is similar to an M16 "A1" type, any way it fits is fine (not going to dig one out now as figure will be corrected if wrong ;-). For my Gemteck biock used where it ended up at, for now.
The prongs are for flash suppression, it doesn't matter where they clock.
Sweet if I can time it without having to make my own shim. Looking at a AR crush washer, I'm thinking a peel washer is going to be a no go.
Turn down the end of the FH on a lathe and keep retrying on the rifle until it times the way you want it, Only .005" or so at a time.
IAC533-that won't work on this style hider, the threads are well recessed so all you end up doing is removing material from the back without effecting timing. Looks like the barrel bottoms against the inside of the hider. I'm not going to remove material from the end of the barrel, so it looks like the only option would be a shim or touch the bottom of the hider with an endmill or lathe. I'd rather shim if ones available.

Edit- touched with a 5/8" endmill to the seating surface inside the hider, problem solved but I'd still like to know if shims are available.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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