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I always thought these things were pretty rare but I saw one at the gun shop today. It is in good condition. How much have you seen them go for?


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NIB condition complete, up to $2K for a HE finish, and $3K for a stainless.
Used condition or lacking anything and the price is pretty much what you are willing to pay. Normally they bring at least $1000 for gun alone and up from there depending on condition and completeness.
Make sure it is not a clone. All three serial numbers must match or it is not a real Match but rather a thrown together clone. And if it does have all three serial numbers make sure the fonts match. Anyone can get a barrel engraved with the proper serial number but the fonts will not be the same.

Also, please delete your other post.
Go into that post, hit edit, then check the delete box and hit the delete button.
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