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how much is everybody opening up their usc>ump mag wells?

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so I just finished assembling my usc into its ump configuration. so its got that two tone look. HOT.

how much are you all opening up the mag wells? should I swing in the ump lower and scribe the opening or should I leave a little meat around the edges?

I may try and do a .40 kit at some point, and I know they require to open up the bottom of the usc even more.

is there a pattern or stencil online that I can download and print, or just get to it with the dremmel?

any help would be appreciated.

pictures would be helpful too

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thanks for the info,

I was looking at the pics in the tutorial, and it almost looks like there is some plastic removed, but left some of the underlying metal towards the rear of the mag opening. almost like the mill was not set to cut deep enough.

can anyone confirm this for me?

or is it just a bigger hole, and there is no need to remove only a certain thickness of the material?
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