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How to post pictures on the HKPro forum

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I see a lot of new members unsure how to post pictures on the forum.

There are multiple ways to post pictures in the forum.
Here one way using Photobucket
You can use any image hosting site you like.

Here is a list of the image hosting sites

1. Log in to Photobucket andcreate a new album.

2. Click -Upload photos and Videos

3. Click - Select photos and videos

4. Select the photo(s) you want to upload to your Photobucket album.

5. Click -Save and Continue after your upload is complete.

6. Click the photo you want to share.
○ On the right hand side you will see -Links-
○ Click the white box -IMG code-
○ This will copy the Image URL to your clipboard

7. Paste the -IMG link-that was copied to your clipboard in the forum message.


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I'm new and can't even figure out how to post anything, let alone a picture.
Very mysterious, hidden.... what am I missing here?
Some help with finding how to post would be a start. I realize I am posting now- I hope, but that is in response to a previous post. I just want to post a WTS vintage HK P7M8 NIB etc.
I'm probably missing something quite obvious.
Thanks, AW
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