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I did it myself

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I have a P2000 with standard sights. All my other handguns have Mepro night sights. I couldn't stand that the P2000 was different. So, I ordered some Meps from Top Gun Supply. (As always, great prices and shipping)

Wrapped the slide in leather, put it in the vise and tapped the old sights out. Put a drop of Loctite in each slot and tapped the new sights in. Took all of 5 minutes. I centered the new sights where the old ones were. Looks great, and shoots right where it did with the old sights.

Used a brass punch and hammer. A little CLP and a brush took off any brass marks left on the sight bases.

It was really easier than I thought it would be and now all my handguns have night sights.

I will sleep better now. :)
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