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I did it myself

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I have a P2000 with standard sights. All my other handguns have Mepro night sights. I couldn't stand that the P2000 was different. So, I ordered some Meps from Top Gun Supply. (As always, great prices and shipping)

Wrapped the slide in leather, put it in the vise and tapped the old sights out. Put a drop of Loctite in each slot and tapped the new sights in. Took all of 5 minutes. I centered the new sights where the old ones were. Looks great, and shoots right where it did with the old sights.

Used a brass punch and hammer. A little CLP and a brush took off any brass marks left on the sight bases.

It was really easier than I thought it would be and now all my handguns have night sights.

I will sleep better now. :)
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This thread was started by a higher power. Lol. I was just praying that someone else was out there and would give me the courage to do this to my HK. I'll be ordering the Trijicon sights from Adam tomorrow and will do it soon. There's a really nice member on here that offered to loan his sight pusher but if hammer and a punch can do it then I'm gonna try it.
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