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I found the little brother to my P2000 in Sig .357

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I came across a P2000sk with the Sig .357 roll mark, the box also had a sticker on it that included a .40 cal barrel. It is now off to James to install night sights and to convert it from V2 LEM to V4.1 LEM.
Does anyone know how many were imported with the Sig .357 roll mark?

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Very Nice!
When I got my factory P2000 357 I was so enamored I bought an identical twin two weeks later - LOL!.
Sadly had to settle for a P2000SK 40 with an OEM 357 barrel to round out the P2000s.
Have often thought of getting a USP Compact 357 to have a full set... :cool:

My factory P2000 357
Excellent!!! :biggrin:

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